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Aron Govil is Chairman and CEO of Ducon Group, a worldwide aggregate, whose organizations are active in among other sectors, modern designing/development, and ecological controls. Aron Govil is the holder of a BE in Chemical Engineering from the City University of New York. In addition, he earned his MBA with a P.E designing permit.

In 2007, Aron Govil was respected by USPAACC with the 2007 Excellence Award for his remarkable accomplishments in Business and Entrepreneurship. In 2011 Aron Govil was named amongst the 25 most powerful Indians in North America by Global Indian Organization.



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Aron Govil Grant Details

Aron Govil has started his generous grant of $1,000, reserved for the most talented and deserving applicant.
Please note down this page the Aron Govil Grant Eligibility Requirements

Fill in accurately the necessary details, and then send the application along with essay via email at info@arongovilgrant.com –
for final awardee selection of the Aron Govil Grant.

The grant candidate may be a high school senior scholar, or a matriculating undergraduate currently registered at one of the thousands of accredited colleges and/or universities in the U.S.A.
The undergraduate applicant may be a freshman, sophomore, or junior.
The candidate must remember to submit the essay along with all necessary details to Aron Govil via email at info@arongovilgrant.com

Essay Topic

” Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? “

Aron Govil Grant Instructions

Deadline: 30th-Nov-2022

Aron Govil Grant Winner Announcement: 15th-Nov-2022

A formal email will be sent to the winner of the Aron Govil Grant and the results will be announced on 15th-Nov-2022 at arongovilgrant.com. You must remember to attach the essay to your email.

How to Apply

First Name/Last Name

Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Scholar at a Registered or Accredited Institute

Graduation (MM.DD.YYYY)

The accredited institute/college/university that you are now enrolled at:

Your Current GPA:

Selection Procedure of the Aron Govil Grant Winner

The selection process of Aron Govil Grant is going to be pretty challenging even though the application process is quite simple and hassle-free. Equal weightage whilst be given to your academic record + quality & originality of your essay. Once the awardee has been selected, an official email shall be sent to him/her. The winning candidate must revert at the earliest to claim the grant amount of 1,000 USD. Once the winner acknowledges said email, the prize money of 1,000 USD would be sent directly to the awardee’s institute/university/college of attendance, and then finally, routed directly into the awardees college aid account.


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