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Aron Govil: 7 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

Aron Govil

This July, I was lucky enough to visit Disney World for the first time says Aron Govil.

Although the theme park provided great entertainment, there were some surprisingly poor service experiences that left me disappointed. For example, one customer service representative at the Magic Kingdom was not helpful when guests complained about long lines (Milian). Looking back on my trip, I now realize how Disney World’s exceptional customer service has enabled the company to achieve great success.

The Walt Disney Company has always taken great pride in providing amazing experiences with their products and services, which is why I was so surprised at the poor service I received during my recent visit. But, as soon as I started thinking about it, it became clear that what happened to me was not Disney World’s fault. The true blame lay with me.

I realized that I should have done more research before going on a holiday during the summer, which is a time when tourists flock to Walt Disney World. When putting together my itinerary, I took for granted the fact that Disneyland would be so crowded and should have adjusted my plans accordingly.

While this experience has taught me a lesson about planning ahead, I also realized that Disney World’s customer service training was not to blame for the poor service I experienced either. In reality, there was nothing that the employees could have done differently in order to provide better service. Instead, it is their customers who should take steps to ensure that they receive the best service possible says Aron Govil.

This realization led me to think about what customers can do in order to receive top-notch customer service every time. Based on my research, I have compiled a list of seven ways in which customers can maximize their chances of having positive interactions with customer service representatives.

7 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

The first step towards receiving great customer service is being an educated consumer.

What does this mean? Well, it means that customers should always do their research before buying a product or service in order to avoid unpleasant interactions with customer service representatives (Bergstrom). For example, if you want to book a flight, you should ideally find out when the cheapest days are to fly and how far in advance you need to buy your tickets. Not only will this help you avoid being overcharged by airlines, but it will also prevent customer service representatives from trying to push an expensive flight package that includes extra services that customers do not want or need.

When customers are aware of their options, they are more likely to have positive interactions with customer service representatives.

2) Be assertive when complaining.

Sometimes customers receive poor quality products or services and may be tempted to do nothing about it (Gupta). However, customers should take the initiative in these situations. By calmly explaining the situation to the company and requesting an adequate solution (Bergstrom).

3) Be willing to compromise.

In my experience, a good number of customer service representatives are able to offer various solutions to problems. Rather than immediately giving you what you want (Milian). For example, if it is your cable provider’s fault that you have been left without television for two days says Aron Govil. They may be willing to offer you an extended warranty on your television or a package deal for all of their services. This can apply to any situation, not just with cable providers.

4) Show appreciation.

Customers should also remember to thank customer service representatives for helping them out. Even if they do not receive the solution that they were hoping for (Milian). A simple “thank you” can go a long way in improving the customer service experience (Milian).

5) Avoid anger and profanity.

Some customers may lose their temper when trying to contact customer service representatives. Which is unfortunate because it ruins the mood for everyone, involved (Bergstrom). Customers should be patient when speaking with customer service representatives. Because they are likely to be open to helping them no matter the situation.

6) Know what you’re talking about.

Customers should also keep in mind that customer service representatives are likely to be more helpful. If they can understand your problem says Aron Govil. Customers should organize their thoughts before speaking with the representative. And avoid using words that are too big or complicated for them to understand (Milian). Furthermore, customers should be able to pinpoint the exact date; time, and place their problems took place (Gupta).

7) Ask for help when available.

Although customer service representatives will not be able to solve every problem that customers face. They should know how to connect them with other departments in order for them to be helped (Milian). For example, if customers are still having trouble with their cable service. They should ask the representative to place them in contact with technical support (Milian).


When customers take matters into their own hands and become more assertive. When contacting customer service representatives, companies will be able to better serve them. Customers should follow these seven steps in order to have a successful customer service experience.

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