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Aron Govil – Difficulties in Innovating Business Models

Difficulties in Innovating Business Models

To succeed in any business, it is essential to constantly innovate and develop new ways of doing things. However, this can be difficult, especially when innovating business models. Many factors can make creating and implementing a new business model difficult, and overcoming these challenges is not always easy. In this blog post by Aron Govil, we’ll explore some of the difficulties in innovating business models and discuss how to overcome them.

Aron Govil’s Guide on Challenges in Innovating Business Models

Not Thinking Outside the Box

One of the challenges to innovating business models is not thinking outside the box. This is often because people can be too close to their work and not see the potential for improvement or change.

According to Aron Govil, senior management may resist change, feeling it is too risky or that they do not have the time or resources to invest in something new. However, there are ways to overcome these challenges and encourage more outside-the-box thinking.

One is to create small teams charged with coming up with new ideas, and another is to provide incentives for employees to come up with innovative solutions.

By taking these steps, businesses can create an environment that is more conducive to innovation and better able to meet future challenges.

Not Innovating the Products and the Processes

This is because they have already invested heavily in their current products and processes and do not want to risk losing their competitive advantage.

According to Aron Govil, traditional businesses may not have the necessary market knowledge or financial resources to invest in new products or processes. As a result, they may be resistant to change and reluctant to embrace new technologies or business models.

However, there are several ways that traditional businesses can overcome these challenges and become more innovative. For example, they can partner with startups or companies already developing new products or processes.

They can also invest in research and development so that they can stay at the forefront of new technologies. Additionally, they can create internal incubators or accelerators to encourage employees to develop new ideas.

By taking these steps, traditional businesses can overcome the challenges of innovating business models and become more innovative.

Not Having the Right Tools

Another challenge is not having the right tools. For example, a company selling products online may need a way to track inventory and customer orders.

Without the right tools, the company may have difficulty keeping track of its inventory or understanding how customers interact with its products. As a result, the company may miss out on opportunities to improve its business model.

To overcome this challenge, companies need to invest in the right tools. This may involve working with software developers to create custom solutions or partnering with third-party data and analytics services providers.

By doing so, companies can ensure that they have the right tools in place to support their business model innovation efforts.

Aron Govil’s Concluding Thoughts

Many businesses have a lot of difficulties when it comes to innovating their business models. It can be tough to try and change something that is already working, even if improvements could be made. Aron Govil explains some of the difficulties that businesses face when trying innovation, such as team resistance and network effects.